Is Abortion Moral?

One of the largest moral failings we have, as a nation, is abortion.  Large portions of the population stand against abortion, 61% according to Gallup Pool:  If we were a democracy, as many decry nowadays, there would be no question, abortion would not be legal.  But wait, we are not a democracy, but rather a republic, which means we elected people to represent us, using the power / commission of the Constitution.  There are many critical issues we need to be aware of and no one issue should necessarily be the deciding factor, as to whether someone is electable or not.  However, because we are deprived of morals as a nation and returning to those morals is the only true road to recovery, we need to think deeply, in the future, about the moral stances of candidates.

Our Constitution was based on God’s laws, of which one of them was “Thou shall not murder”. Why is this critical to this discussion? Because the Constitution is our, (We the People’s), contract, for the administration of the federal government.  It is what gives the federal government its power and its limits, see the 10th Amendment. It is also what the Supreme Court is supposed to use, as its standards, in determining the Constitutionality of laws.  Did you know, the courts have ruled abortion is murder? DNA is used day in and day out, in our court system.  Did you know, that your DNA only came into existence, at the moment of conception? This means, life began at that very moment and without it, your DNA could not have existed.  Thus, with each case, where DNA is used in court, verifies time after time, the beginning of life and the acceptance of murder, in our nation, with each abortion.

We have another election, in a little over a year.  Again, one subject should not invalidate any candidate, but, dig deep in your heart and soul and ask yourself, can I elect any official, who does not stand fast on moral issues? If they have no moral standards, then how can I put any faith in what they will do or stand for? We are and have been lied to, in so many ways, by our representatives.  It is time, that we stand for truth, no matter how hard a message, because without the truth, there is no way to make a plan, to clean up the mess, we are now just coming to understand. We also have to hold ourselves accountable, for what we have allowed to occur.  Fix our homes and families, because, we are the backbone of the nation.  As we do this, we will automatically demand more, from the people we have representing us.  We also need to be aware, this is not an overnight fix.  We will all be challenged, in many different ways.  Some challenges, we will hurdle well and others we will fail and fall, but, if we return to Godly and moral people, our neighbors will be there to help us brush the dirt off, get up and start running again.

Jeff Korson

Alapaha, Ga.

Printed Tifton Gazette 1 Oct 2011: No Link


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