Are you ready to vote?

The 2012 Election is less than a month away.  Have you educated yourself? Have you invested some time, looking into the things happening around the world and in our own nation? Did you dig into information and look at both the pros and cons of each subject, considering resources, other than the status quo? Have you prayed for guidance and listened to your heart? Have you fulfilled your responsibility, as a good citizen, to ensure you are educated on facts and principles? Did you look at history of the world and of our Nation and its founding principles?

I know I am ready to vote and I know, there are others who write in our local paper, that also are ready to vote.  Even though I would disagree wholeheartedly with some of the writer’s logic and facts, I am happy they have, at least, educated themselves and stand for what they believe in.  But, what I find concerning, specifically for the presidential election, is the comments, often made by pollsters, as to the undecided voters.  Why do I find this concerning? Simply this, if you have had three years of information, actions, and results, along with the warnings, that have been sounded before this Administration took office and you still do not know how you’re going to vote, indicates to me, you are not doing your best, to understand what is going on and the ramifications these events will have on your future and your prosperities future.

The choice is simple. Obama has stated, He will transform America and acted to do such.  Everything this Administration stands for, is Government and control of every aspect of life.  This is the pipe dream of a Socialist’s mentality, for in their eyes, you the individual, do not know and cannot do, what is right, so someone else has to make decisions for you, to ensure, you do not make the wrong choices or actions. Or you chose Romney, who does not want to transform America, the greatest nation in history of human kind.  He wants to allow, the individual, to have the right, to succeed and fail on his own regard, while ensuring those freedoms, given by our Creator and to assure those inalienable rights, written about in the Declaration of Independence are retained by their proper owners, “We the People”.

So if you are somehow, sitting on the fence, you have a large challenge and responsibility, sitting in your hands, to do some major crash courses in history and recent events.  Pray for wisdom.  Then make an informed, judicious decision on what vision you wish to leave for your prosperity.

God Bless

Jeff Korson

Alapaha, Ga.

Printed 2012 Tifton Gazette


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